Karate (3-12 years)

Karate is the way that many people go through their whole life, tempering their body, strengthening their spirit, discovering new abilities and pushing the limits of their abilities. Children become stronger and more enduring, the immune system works better, in addition, an interest in sports and a healthy lifestyle is formed. The first lessons of karate develop flexibility, correct violations of posture, increase tone, improve appetite and sleep of babies.

Dancing (Kids, 8-12 years)

If you want your child to have a beautiful posture and easy gait, give it to the children's dance studio Gemma Vitali Dance. Here you will be taught how to move properly, to improvise and to impress. Forget about clubfoot, scoliosis and uncertainty!

Physical Training

Physical Preparation for Children Someone plays tennis to strengthen health and enjoy, and someone wants to become a champion and a super star. At the same time, many players make the same mistake, especially when increasing the load, not paying due attention to the overall physical preparedness of our body for these loads.
The basis of the pyramid of our sport life lies precisely in the development of athletic qualities, the readiness of the musculoskeletal system, the proper functioning of the endocrine system (hormonal) and the psychic power that controls all processes.
Physical Training is the basis for your victories!!! Without a good basis, there will not be a high peak of your career, the game for health will turn into a fight against pain, and thoughts of "champion" will remain only in dreams. Physical training is the basis of motor activity and it is necessary to start with it.


All parents have a question about choosing a sport for their child. In addition to physical development, everyone wants his child to stand up for himself, but without developing aggression. That is why it is a good decision to give the child to practice judo, because this kind of single combat completely excludes any blows to the head or trunk area. So you do not have to worry about your child being injured. In addition, the employment of this single combat helps to develop not only physically, but also spiritually.
In our club the master of sports of the international class, the prizewinner of the European championship conducts classes on judo. An elementary level for children from 7 years, adults, and also all degrees of preparation.


This is a fun, energetic workout that helps to find an excellent physical shape. Its goal is to work out the maximum number of muscles, without exhausting you with repeated repetitions of exercises. For an hour of incendiary dancing, you can burn about 400-500 calories. In addition, Zumba-fitness is an effective cure for stress, helping to become more confident, positive and liberated.
Waiting for you to practice on zumba In the Royal Tennis Club every Monday and Wednesday (10.30 - 11.30), and also on Saturday (12.00 - 13-00).

Tai Chi

Tai Chi or Taijiquan is a multi-level development system: physical (involving large muscles of the legs and back); Tai Chi is based on the philosophy of Yin and Yang, development of sensorimotorics (understanding of one's body, practice of working with the body), also Tai Chi is energy-stimulating practice (development or improvement Internal state.
Tai-Chi classes in our club: Every Monday and Thursday (9.30-10.30, 18.30-19.30)