Training curriculum

The purpose of the Royal Tennis Club is the growth and formation of promising players of various categories - kids, children, cadets, juniors, adults, WTA, ATP - aimed at their comprehensive diversification - sports, professional and personal. This issue is addressed by our teachers who have a recognized work experience in the coaching staff.
We offer a wide range of programs for playing tennis, based on high-quality training for this sport and the professionalism of our team of coaches.

Mini Tennis

Group for children aged 4 to 6 years. At this stage, the task is psychomotor development of children.
Adapting to the age of the toddlers, classes are conducted with elements of games, trying to improve the assimilation of the sensory elements surrounding them.


This group is the third level, for children aged 6, 7 or 8 years.
This stage is aimed at teaching techniques, basic shocks and movements. At this stage, the development of tactics of the game, the in-depth study of theory and rules, and the corresponding application of them in practice.

Intermediate level

At this stage, tennis comes easy to kids , in this case, it is very important to determine the level of preparation of the child, so as not to slow the development of talent.
Under the strict guidance of the coach, the player is already presented with a personal approach, which allows achieving the highest possible productivity, in accordance with the personal capabilities of each player.

Advanced Level

For children over 10 years old, the next step is improving and tennis practice. At this stage, we try to teach the students a deeper knowledge of the sport, paying special attention to the classes that develop the game, not forgetting to improve the technique of strikes.
Together with the training of tennis, players in parallel pass technical, tactical and, physical and psychological training.

Tennis for keeping fit and fun

If you or your child is interested in tennis, but not on a professional level, we will be happy to see you in groups for teaching the skills of this royal sport.